mindful self-leadership

how I broke the pattern and unlocked focus, creativity and joy in work and life.

Have you ever wanted to become a better entrepreneur, actor, writer, craftsman or athlete? But you always felt something was stopping you from achieving the desired result.

With unconditional honesty, in "Mindful Self-Leadership", I share the many challenges I have faced throughout my life and the mindset and techniques I have adopted to overcome them.

This book is a practical guide on using mindful movement tools to intentionally lead yourself to identify your desired experiences, understand who you want to be and what is blocking you from becoming that person.

Through carefully crafted exercises, I equip you with mindful movement tools to support positive behaviours, heal past traumatic experiences, improve mental health and learn to deal effectively with change and adversity. Build intrinsic motivation, cultivate autotelic personality and flow, and develop more resilience in the workplace and all other areas of life. Navigate stressful situations with calmness and clarity, and boost your ability to be present, open-minded, and compassionate when interacting with others.

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