Tomasz Drybala is a Keynote Speaker, Flow, Mindful Running, Active Meditation Teacher and Extreme Runner.

Tom runs neuroscience-based program teaching individuals and organisations how to use mindful running and active meditation to get into the flow and unlock focus, creativity and joy.

Drawing on his personal experiences as an extreme runner. Testing, identifying and overcoming the limits of his own body and mind, Tom created 'powerful tools' designed for life transformation. To date, his ultra-running challenges consist of five million steps in 101 days and running 11,000 kilometres unsupported through Asia. In 2022, Tom starts running 40,075 kilometres, which is the circumference of Earth.

Tom's practice of mindful running and active meditation has caught the attention of leading scientists who are now conducting 3-year research using the latest scientifically proven advanced research methods and technologies.

Driven by a passion for creating global change, Tom helps UNICEF to keep children safe. His main areas of focus are Child Protection and Education. Through his philanthropic work for the Wave Trust charity, he supports the World Health Organisation Task Force in connecting communities committed to preventing adverse childhood experiences and building trauma-informed societies.

"I'm on a mission to reach a billion people with my message." - Tomasz Drybala