"I believe that each of us should have the same chance to build a life we are proud to live, regardless of our past experiences."

- Tomasz Drybala

Driven by a passion for creating global change, I offer a wide range of seminars, courses, workshops and keynote speeches for charities and nonprofit organisations in the United Kingdom, Europe, Oceania, Asia and the United States.

My mission is to reach a billion people with my message and support those experiencing childhood traumas and the organisations that help them.

I support UNICEF to keep children safe with a primary focus on child protection, education and climate change. During the Flow Up Global ultra run (40,075 kilometres), we will conduct over 100 philanthropic events to raise funds and provide humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide.


How UNICEF UK is helping children in Ukraine.

As a result of the war in Ukraine:

  • 6.24 million people are internally displaced
  • 17.7 million people in Ukraine — including 3.3 million children — are in need of humanitarian assistance

Working with partners, UNICEF quickly ramped up humanitarian relief operations when the war in Ukraine escalated on Feb. 24, 2022, and continues working with partners inside the country to meet urgent needs. Here is a closer look at UNICEF's impact on vulnerable children and families.

Impact of UNICEF's humanitarian response to the Ukraine war:

UNICEF is delivering critical support to meet emergency needs inside Ukraine and in neighbouring refugee host countries.

  • In health, over 4.6 million children and women in Ukraine have been able to access primary health care in UNICEF-supported facilities and through mobile teams.
  • In nutrition, over 115,000 caregivers of children under age 2 have received counselling in infant and young child feeding counselling.
  • In water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), nearly 4 million people have gained access to safe drinking water, and nearly 1 million people have received critical WASH supplies.
  • In mental health and psychosocial support, UNICEF-supported interventions have reached 2.5 million children and caregivers while nearly 100,000 children and their families have benefited from case management and referrals.
  • In child protection, over 236,000 women and children have been reached by UNICEF-supported gender-based violence prevention, risk mitigation and response services.
  • In education, with UNICEF's support, over 857,000 children have been able to get back to learning, either in a school or in an informal setting, while another 421,000 children have benefited from learning interventions.
  • To expedite support to vulnerable families, close to 190,000 households have received multi-purpose humanitarian cash transfers.