Europe, Arabian Peninsula, Asia and North America

"I’m on a mission to reach a billion people with my message."

- Tomasz Drybala

From August 2022 to December 2025, Tom will run 40,075 kilometres, i.e. the circumference of Earth, divided into four stages:

  • Europe Ultra-Run. 13,000 km from London in the United Kingdom to Athens in Greece. Tom will run across the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, passing along the way France, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

  • Arabian Peninsula Ultra-Run. 7,000 km from Cairo in Egypt to Kuwait City in Kuwait. Tom will run through the coast of the Red Sea down to Yemen and across the Empty Quarter. Then through the coast of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. He will pass the coast of the Persian Gulf up to Kuwait.

  • Asia Ultra-Run. 11,000 km from Bali in Indonesia to Hong Kong. Tom will run through three Indonesian islands: Bali, Java and Sumatra. Then across the coasts of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong.

  • North America Ultra-Run. 9,000 km from the West to the East Coast of the United States. Tom will run U-shape starting from Los Angeles, across the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the border of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean coast. Finishing in New York.

We will conduct over 100 philanthropic events along the way to raise funds for UNICEF to help keep children safe and support the Wave Trust charity and the World Health Organization Task Force in connecting communities that are committed to preventing adverse childhood experiences and building trauma-informed societies.

The expedition is supported by a team of scientists from the University of Westminster who are conducting 4 years of research into Tom's physical, mental and emotional endurance. And the practice of mindful running and active meditation, entering the flow state and unlocking focus, creativity and joy in the workplace and everyday life. This project led by Dr Sanjoy Deb will be a first of its kind research project using the latest scientifically proven advanced research methods and technologies.




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