This book is a guide on how to use mindful running to get from anxiety, stress and overwhelm caused by unresolved traumas to the state of Flow. And unlock focus, creativity and joy in all areas of your life.

"For the first 40 years of my life, I struggled with the disconnection between my body, mind, and soul that often manifested with physical illness and dysregulation of my body's nervous system. I didn't realize it was due to childhood trauma. I was a normal kid, living in an ordinary family like any other of my childhood friends.

While I was running 5 million steps and 11,000 km through Asia, I discovered the state of Flow. I was using mindful running and active meditation to unlock peak performance. I was in full Flow or the Zone, in other words.

I found that this new mindful way of running started positively affecting the other areas of my life. I become happier, more creative and resilient. I was in peak performance.

I learned that unresolved childhood traumas affect us daily, even for a lifetime, and become a Flow blocker. They have been a source of my chronic stress, pain, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, and general nervous system dysregulation. They make me feel disconnected, lonely, stuck and lost.

I have consciously chosen to heal my body from stress, anxiety and detachment, and for that, I price the practice of mindful running and active meditation. It allowed me to create my own body-mind-soul wellness by breaking down the patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour that were shaped by my parents, family, teachers, and the society in which I grew up.
I learned how to remove Flow blockers and create conditions for more Flow in my life. And now I share it with you." - Tomasz Drybala

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