Frequently Asked Questions

What type of physical shape do I need to be in?

You'll have an opportunity to do activities (such as yoga) at whatever level of intensity feels comfortable to you. For running activities, you can choose a running distance from 4 to 15 kilometres.

What sort of food will we be eating?

We strive to make our food both tasty and nutritious, providing everything your body needs. We work with local caterers to provide you with a fantastic selection of local and seasonal vegan dishes. Please advise us of any allergies or intolerances when booking.

Can you give more details about accommodation?

We have luxury caravans on-site, sleeping 4 or 5 people on single beds. We can also arrange other accommodation for 2 or 3 people, or a different bed configuration if you are a couple. You can either hire an entire caravan for your group, or we will accommodate you with other people. Let us know if you prefer to be with the same gender, or if a mixed group is also fine. We have people flying for our events from Italy, Sweden, and all over the UK, so you will have a chance to meet other like-minded folk travelling the same journey.

How are Flow Events different from other retreats?

It's always wonderful to experience the retreat, relaxation and clarity. However, our Flow Events take that experience and turn it into an all-out embrace of your best inner nature. Every waking moment of all our Flow Events is carefully designed to help you connect with your essential self, rediscover the joy you were born to experience, get into the flow and achieve peak performance. This is much, much more than a retreat or adventure. We will be focusing intense attention on you, helping make the experience luxurious, exciting, deeply rewarding, and intensely life-transforming. That means giving you research-backed tools to help you spend more time in the Zone.

What makes this event extraordinary?

Aside from coaching like no other, the centrepiece of our Flow Events experience is the supportive community of like-minded people being on the same journey. You will not only receive personal attention from us during the coaching sessions. We will also share many adventures, meals, runs and general festivities that are included in the itinerary. We see this as our chance to do the kind of deep, client-focused coaching we most enjoy.