40,075 km Ultra-Run through North America, Asia, Arabian Peninsula and Europe

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On October , 2022, I will start running the circumference of the earth, 40,075 km (nearly 25,000 miles). I will run for 40 months across 4 continents and 27 countries, conducting over 400 events at universities, colleges, businesses and government institutions.

I will teach people Mindful Movement techniques, build the MindfulNner community, raise funds for UNICEF, promote my book, and participate in research led by leading sports scientists in the United Kingdom.

The challenge is divided into four stages:

STAGE 1: North America Ultra-Run

10,000 km from the East to the West Coast of the United States. I will run U-shape starting from New York, across the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the border of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean coast. Finishing in Portland.

STAGE 3: Arabian Peninsula Ultra-Run

6,000 km from Kuwait City in Kuwait to Cairo in Egypt. I will pass the coast of the Persian Gulf to Bahrain. Then I will run through the coast of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. I will cross the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia and run through the coast of the Red Sea up to Cairo in Egypt.

STAGE 2: Asia Ultra-Run

11,000 km from Hong Kong to Bali in Indonesia. I will run through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and three Indonesian islands: Sumatra, Java and Bali.

STAGE 4: Europe Ultra-Run.

13,000 km from Athens in Greece to London in the United Kingdom. I will run across the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, passing along the way Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal and part of England.

I’m on a mission to reach a billion people with my message and build MindfulNner Community.


  • Create an authentic, valuable community with the centre of gravity around a deeply-held, clearly-expressed core purpose.
  • Involve active and passionate members to attract more participants, and with enough people contributing, grow the community big enough to achieve its core purpose.


To reach a billion people worldwide, build trauma-informed communities and empower each person with skills and techniques that will help heal their past traumatic experiences through Mindful Movement.


We work collectively to:

  • Improve our mental health and well-being.
  • Learn and support each other in our unique journeys.
  • Heal our past traumatic experiences.
  • Break the trauma cycle and create a better future for our children.
  • Support those experiencing traumas.




We believe that each of us should have the same chance to build a life we are proud to live, regardless of our past experiences.

Collectively and individually

  • We Consciously Embrace Change and challenges with acceptance, curiosity, courage, energy, enthusiasm and passion.
  • We Strive To Be Our True Selves, original, expressive and committed to working together unconventionally, drawing inspiration from established methods, and taking care of ourselves and the space we share.
  • We Foster Growth and create a positive, diverse environment that promotes conscious choices and continuous learning while having fun doing it.
  • We Pursue Excellence and strive to empower and serve others by living our mission, respecting each other, and treating others with empathy and compassion.
  • We Act With Integrity and are committed to being honest, authentic, transparent, accountable, trustworthy, respectful and inclusive.
  • We Care For Those In Need and give back to the community by empowering people today to build a better tomorrow for the next generation.