I don't make my client's lives better. I transform them. Often radically. I love creating an environment where people get more out of themselves, where they become more of who they really are.

I help my clients heal physically, mentally and emotionally, gain clarity, build resilience, empower themselves, shift perspective and strategically approach how to practically achieve their work and lifestyle goals. And all this without sacrificing health and happiness!

I strongly believe that calm is a superpower. It's not just an emotional response, it's a way of being and it's crucial to pursue your goals. I am here to help you learn a mindful approach to life in a way that teaches you how to ground yourself in the present moment so you can assess your emotional reactions and learn how to navigate fear and stress and not be controlled by the past.

My role as a professional coach is to support ambitious people in their development - in using their potential - in achieving lasting success while finding harmony with their talents, passions, values, visions and goals.

No two sessions are ever the same, and I always show up and hold space for you in whatever way you need me that day - I am a coach, guide, champion, cheerleader, confidante, and someone who believes strongly in you.

I never give up. No matter how hard life is on any given day, and I will not give up on you. Just like I did not give up during my extreme challenges, which consisted of making five million steps in 101 days, running 11,000 kilometres without support through Asia, 2,500 kilometres through Scotland, England and Poland, and, so far,  4,000 kilometres through the United States.

My work and extreme challenges have been published worldwide and featured in National Geographic, Red Bull, New York Post, The Daily Mail and Fox, among others.

So wherever you are now, I can help you develop the strength, strategies, and self-confidence to succeed and design the future you desire and deserve.