My name is Tomasz Drybala - I am the founder of the Neuro-Based Leadership Centre, author, trainer and keynote speaker focused on self-leadership and neuroscience-based coaching techniques.

My mission is to help leaders unlock their full potential and develop the critical skills needed to effectively lead their teams in today's constantly changing world. 

Using neuroscience research, I design workshops tailored to each organization's unique needs. My Neuro-Based Leadership Workshops aim to transform leaders into the inspiring, resilient leaders their people need.  

As a coach, I help my clients heal physically, mentally and emotionally, gain clarity, build resilience, empower themselves, shift perspective and strategically approach how to practically achieve their work and lifestyle goals. And all this without sacrificing health and happiness!  

By integrating the latest insights from neuroscience, leadership theory, mindfulness and coaching psychology, I empower leaders to become the best version of themselves so they can bring out the best in others. My goal is to help create a world with more conscious, compassionate, and effective leaders.

I have never given up, no matter how hard life gets. I refuse to give up on myself, and I refuse to give up on you. I did not give up while running my four extreme challenges, logging over 3,000 hours and passing over 17,000 miles through 14 countries while sharing my neuroscience coaching techniques with over 50,000 people.   

Wherever you are now, I can help you develop the strength, strategies and self-confidence to succeed. I can help you design the future you deserve. I bring almost a decade of experience in coaching and neuroscience to my work, helping people achieve their goals and live more fulfilling lives. With the right mindset strategies and support system, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. I'm here to help you get started on that journey.