Tomasz Drybala helps individuals and organisations to unlock their full potential by teaching them how to get into the Flow and achieve peak performance.

How To Improve Focus To Get Into The Flow And Achieve Peak Performance.

During this training session, Tom will give you a conceptual and experiential understanding of how to guide daily activities to trigger the Flow, an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best. Focusing entirely on the project at hand, and increasing workplace productivity.

Tom will teach you techniques that anyone can apply in their daily routine, to train your mind to stay in the present moment and stop brooding over the past or worrying about the future.

This session will teach participants how to relieve stress, anxiety, and worries that can negatively affect their health and overall performance. This workshop will teach, empower and inspire better overall well-being, ultimately creating a healthier, more active lifestyle culture.

Using Mindful Running And Active Meditation To Accelerate Your Adaptive Response, Boost Your Resilience, And Unlock Peak Performance.

Mindful running and active meditation are the tools that allowed Tom to pass his first two ultra-endurance challenges, making five million steps in 101 days and running unsupported 11,000 kilometres through Asia. It is also a subject of scientific research conducted by the University of Westminster during Tom's current ultra-running challenge to pass 36,000 kilometres, the distance of running around the globe.

Mindful running is the process that trains your mind to stay in the present moment with focus and greater awareness. It is a form of active meditation that helps you become aware of what you are experiencing directly, physically, mentally, and emotionally during your runs. It is a powerful tool designed for life transformation and a path to personal development.

This session will teach participants how to use mindful running and active meditation to accelerate adaptive response, build resilience and unlock peak performance in any aspects of their life; in sport, business, relationships and career.

The Pathway To Peak Human Performance And How To Bring Group Flow Into Your Organisation.

Humans are social beings. We thrive from the collaboration of others. Forming a creative and collaborative group experience can be even more rewarding when the individuals harness flow. This phenomenon that occurs we describe as Group Flow.

How many times have you witnessed a match or performance when everyone seemed to 'click' and 'flowed' through the movements as if one organism? That is when a group becomes one and enters a vastly creative and exciting state of group flow.

During this training session for the executive team, Tom will discuss how to direct behaviours to inspire, engage, develop creativity and unlock the potential in people. This workshop will guide participants to master the skills needed to navigate in the state of flow and maximize people's potential to unlock team peak performance.

Pushing Limits, Making Your Career A Source Of Flow And Maintaining Peak Performance.

As an extreme runner, Tom has tested, identified and overcome limits of his own body and mind; then successfully transferred learned skills into other aspects of life.

In this workshop, Tom will share tools that allow you to turn your career from basic needs into a source of inspiration and opportunities for flow and peak performance. We will discuss how to structure your day and work environment to be your best self, live and work in the zone, and go through the roof with your productivity instead of feeling stressed, tired and overworked.

This session will guide you on how to tap into the flow and peak performance in changing environments, stay focused, embrace risk-taking and achieve your most ambitious professional goals by unlocking peak performance.

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Some people who heard Tom's story. . .

The level of detail, expertise, and genuine craftsmanship that has gone into this workshop is incredible. It's well worth the investment and more. Tom's knowledge and production value are amazing!




Your experience contributes greatly to the Department of Sport Science and Sports Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Thammasat University. Your topic was of great interest to our students, and many expressed their appreciations for such a study. On behalf of Thammasat University, I would like to thank you for your very inspiration and worthwhile talk.




A breath of fresh air. The team found Tom's virtual workshop so inspiring because it injected much-needed positivity and perspective. Tom left us motivated and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.



Blew us away. User guide for hacking brain to increase productivity. Tom made the audience think differently about their own personal and professional challenges. Our entire team has not talked about anything else this week.



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