The Power Of Intrinsic Motivation.

About this training:

Intrinsic motivation is a drive that comes exclusively from within, with no apparent external rewards. We love activity or see it as an opportunity to discover, learn and actualize our potential. Not because of any expected rewards, deadlines or outside pressure.

But of course, this is not always the case. We may not love our work, but we go to work anyway because we get paid. We may not like to study or read books, but we do it because we want to get a better result in the exam. This is where extrinsic motivation comes in. The problem is that extrinsic motivation is a short-term game. Research shows that extrinsic motivation can actually undermine your performance. Over time it will wear you down or even backfire.

In a work environment, productivity can be enhanced by taking advantage of external rewards such as a bonus. However, what influences the quality of the work performed are internal factors.

Intrinsic motivation is like an endless source. It guides behaviour from within. We engage in the behaviour because we love it, and then the behaviour becomes integrated with our identity. If you do something that you find rewarding, interesting and challenging, you have a better chance of finding innovative ideas and creative solutions.

So how you or your employees can become intrinsically motivated? The three main elements of intrinsic motivation are autonomy, purpose, and mastery. And in this session, we will focus on all three of them.

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Good for: everyone.

Length: 90 minutes

Corporate discount: 10% for over 10 employees or 15% for over 50 employees. Contact us to book training at a time that works for your whole team.

Can't join training on this date? A recording of it will be available for 48 hours after the live session.

December 14 @ 11 am  - 12.30 pm EST

The Power Of Intrinsic Motivation.