This Science-Backed Secret Holds The Key To Overcoming Self-Doubt And Negative Thought Patterns And Unleash Your Mind's True Potential Within 8 Weeks

Feel like self-destructive patterns are constantly dragging you down? Causing unwanted depression, anxiety, and stress that limits you from reaching your highest potential? Then try this

Use Science-Backed Techniques To Overcome Stress, Trauma And Self-Sabotage And Finally Unleash Your Highest Potential.


Stop Being Held Back By Trauma And Self-Doubt And Start Living Up To Your Highest Potential

Do you feel like you haven’t reached your true potential in your career, relationships, or health and fitness? Are you often tired and stressed, lacking the motivation or concentration to achieve your goals? Do self-sabotage, anxiety, and past trauma make it difficult to be at your best day in and day out? Then you’ve come to the right place and here’s why:

My name is Tomasz Drybala – I’m a self-leadership and healing coach, author, keynote speaker, neuroscience enthusiast and extreme athlete. Through a combination of one-on-one mentoring, live and virtual events, I’ve helped over 50,000 people gain the mental control needed to unlock their highest potential and crush their personal and professional goals… and I can do the same for you!

Use This Science-Backed Method To Become “Unstuck” From Trauma And Self-Sabotage In 8 Weeks

Want to finally enjoy life without being held back by trauma and self-sabotage? Then my 8-week program, the Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator, is for YOU! It’s a fully online program that equips you with everything you need to unlock your mind’s true power.

You’ll gain access to 76+ digestible video lessons… 4 sets of powerful affirmations… and 8 weekly planners that’ll keep you on track to complete the course. Everything inside is 100% backed by science and research – no woo-woo BS or unfounded guru theory. What you’ll learn has been proven to work for millions of people and has the power to change your mindset forever!

Use Science-Backed Techniques To Overcome Stress, Trauma And Self-Sabotage And Finally Unleash Your Highest Potential.

I've Shared This System With Over 50,000 People And It's Caught The Attention Of Many Around The World

A Proven Roadmap Grounded In Mindfulness, Neuroscience, And Decades Worth Of Results…

Become “Unstuck” In Just 8 Weeks

Discover everything you need to become “unstuck” from past trauma and self-doubt within 8 weeks and finally fulfil your true potential!

Free Yourself From Limitations Of The Past

Learn how to overcome self-imposed limitations, so you can enjoy life without boundaries and become the best version of yourself possible.

Discover Powerful Techniques Backed By Science

All the techniques I teach are grounded in science and research – they‘ve been proven to work for millions of people and can work for you too!

Achieve What You Previously Believed To Be Impossible

I’ve run 10,000s of miles by developing a unique mind-body connection... I’ll reveal how you too can overcome pain and do the seemingly impossible!

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With A Money-Back Guaranteed

Try my program risk-free for 14 days and if you still don’t believe my methods can work for you, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

Use Science-Backed Techniques To Overcome Stress, Trauma And Self-Sabotage And Finally Unleash Your Highest Potential.

Meet Tomasz Drybala – Coach, Speaker, Mindfulness Expert And The Founder Of Flow Up Global

I’ve suffered from stress, anxiety and trauma ever since my childhood. But I hit a low point a few years ago when I lost my company, got divorced, and was so overwhelmed by stress and anxiety I’d lie curled up on the floor for hours. I realized that I was repeating the same pattern over and over – if I didn’t make a change, I’d always remain trapped by trauma and self-sabotage.

As a passionate long-distance runner, I’d seen the brain’s incredible potential to overcome physical and emotional pain. So I dove deep into mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychology to train my brain and unlock it’s true power. Since then, I’ve become a successful coach, mindfulness expert, published author, and keynote speaker … started an insane journey to run the entire circumference of the globe… and have even been featured by Red Bull, the Daily Mail and the New York Post!


Self-Leadership & Healing Coach, Keynote Speaker & Extreme Athlete

Discover The Same Techniques That Took Me From Stressed And Overwhelmed To Living My Dream Life

It wasn’t that long ago I was physically, mentally, emotionally and financially broken. Fast-forward to today and I get paid to travel the world doing something I love… have the mental strength and focus to accomplish all of my goals… and have been featured on TV, radio, and podcasts!

Use Science-Backed Techniques To Overcome Stress, Trauma And Self-Sabotage And Finally Unleash Your Highest Potential.


"Tomasz began to live by the phrase: "You can blame the world for your situation or commit yourself to start changing your life," and used running to do exactly that."

"Drybala hopes to spread his message of mindful self-leadership and living authentically and consciously."

"Tomasz believes that most of us have experienced some trauma in our childhood that, if left unchecked or unhealed, can block us from accessing everything we want in life."

"Along with being an ultra runner, Drybala is a wellness and mindfulness coach who works to help people improve their mental health and clarity."

Imagine What You Could Achieve If You’re No Longer Held Back By Stress, Exhaustion, Anxiety And Self-Sabotage…

A Happier And More Positive Mindset

Stop suffering through your daily life… getting distracted, frustrated, stressed and anxious. You’ll feel calmer, enjoy each day as it comes, and finally live in the moment rather than always looking at what lies behind or ahead.

A More Successful Career

Imagine not feeling tired, distracted or unmotivated… and having a laser-like focus on your work! You could reach your goals faster and take a quantum leap forward in your career.

Improved Health And Fitness

If I can run thousands of miles around the world… what can you accomplish? Push yourself beyond your boundaries and unlock a new level of health, fitness and skill!

Stronger Relationships

Develop a more open and rational approach to forming relationships. Instead of letting bitterness get in the way, you’ll focus on common ground and notice stronger connections with your partner, kids, loved ones and friends!

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I've Shared My Techniques With 50,000+ People! Hear What They Say About Working With Me...

"If you’re looking to boost your performance AND your overall health and well-being then this is a fantastic one-stop shop for you. Tomasz specialises in healing and all things flow, to help you to maximise your achievements but also to help you to experience the whole process with a sunnier outlook on life.”


Meditation Coach

"Tomasz is hugely passionate about what he does, and what he shares with the world is hugely inspiring and beneficial to so many. I highly recommend Tomasz for the quality of his work to help people discover the highest consciousness and awareness!! 💯💯”


Yoga Teacher

"I highly recommend Tom and his workshops. He passionately shares his experience and knowledge, inviting and inspiring others to create a positive change in life. I love the beautiful feeling of belonging and being part of a community.”


Healer & Yoga Teacher


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Sick of being controlled by stress, anxiety and past trauma – like a puppet master pulling the strings and stopping you from reaching your full potential? Sign up for my 8-week program and gain the mental control needed to finally reach your full potential.

76 powerful video lessons

8 comprehensive weekly planners

4 powerful lists of life-changing affirmations

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Learn how to release positive neurochemicals on command so you can enjoy a more joyful life, achieve your goals with less effort, enhance mental resilience, and increase energy, productivity, focus and memory!


My Secret Goal-Setting Blueprint (Valued at £1,120)

Discover my 'scientific' goal-setting secrets that create a positive feedback loop every time you achieve a goal... those are the same methods that enable me to run 150 miles in a week, work full time, run a global business and still get 7 hours of sleep every night!


"The Flow Cycle" Pre-Recorded Group Coaching Session (Valued at £2,353)

Find out more about the four-stage flow cycle and how to implement it in your own life. You'll develop the ability to quickly transition from flow to recovery and back again, any time you need to!

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Use Science-Backed Techniques To Overcome Stress, Trauma And Self-Sabotage And Finally Unleash Your Highest Potential.