How To Unlock A State Of Mental Control Where You Feel And Perform At Your Best – On Command

If you’re reading self-help books, plunging ice baths & micro-dosing in a desperate attempt to overcome stress, anxiety and self-sabotage, stop and do this instead…

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Banish Stress And Self-Sabotage Forever And Unlock The Peak Version Of Yourself In 8 Weeks

What would life be like if you weren’t held back by the past?

If stress, anxiety and self-sabotage didn’t stop you from feeling and performing at your best?

If you could unlock the true power of your mind and use it to reach your personal and professional goals?

You might not think that’s possible – but I’m living proof it is.

I’ve gone from stressed, overwhelmed, and being held hostage by trauma…

to a successful coach, keynote speaker and elite endurance athlete capable of running 86+ miles in a single day.

My breakthrough course – the Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator – combines the mindfulness, neuroscience and psychological techniques responsible for my success.

You can use the same methods to overcome the limitations of the past and unlock the peak version of yourself within 8 weeks!

Become “Unstuck” And Gain The Mental Control To Conquer Anything You Put Your Mind To

When you enrol in the Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator, you’ll discover science-backed techniques to overcome stress, self-sabotage and past trauma… while unlocking superior mental clarity, focus, and performance. In just 8 weeks, you’ll notice a MASSIVE difference in your mental ability.

Instead of being tired, anxious, unmotivated, or stressed, you’ll be 100% present in everything you do. You’ll stop being held back by that doubtful voice inside your head… be able to complete difficult tasks without effort… and achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before!

Imagine Being Able To Enter A Flow State – Where You Feel And Perform At Your Best – On Command!

Whether you realize it or not, your past experiences and trauma impact you on a daily basis. They’re embedded deep in your subconscious, creating negative thought patterns that can sabotage both your professional and personal progress. If left unaddressed, these issues will continue to rear their ugly head and stop you from enjoying the life you deserve.

I’ll show you how to break the cycle and prevent negative thoughts before they occur. You’ll stop self-sabotage and unlock the ability to enter the “flow state” – an optimal state of consciousness where you feel and perform at your best – on command. This new superpower will help you excel at whatever you put your mind to, without limitations!

Hurry! Price may increse 50% at the end of May 2024

Learn At Your Own Peace, From Anywhere In The World

76 Digestible Video Lessons

Live Group Coaching Calls

8 In-Depth Weekly Planners

4 Sets Of Powerful Affirmations

Lifetime Access To All Materials

Browse the Lesson Plan in Week 1.

1. What Might Be Stopping You From Being Focused, Creative And Productive?

Based on cutting-edge research, you will start understanding what might hold you back in life and block you from feeling and performing at your best.

2. Recognizing The Patterns That Are Holding You Back.

Through simple exercise, you will learn how powerful is the connection between your body and mind, how our body responds to our thoughts and how we create patterns of behaviour. It will show you what is holding you back in life and what you need to change to resolve it.

3. Diving Into The Roots That Are Holding You Back.

Here you'll learn how one thought related to physical dysregulation, a painful memory from your past experience, can create a pattern of behaviour that subconsciously drives your entire life on autopilot and causes physical, mental, emotional and financial dysregulation.

4. Recognizing The Triggers That Push You To Repeat The Same Patterns.

In this session, we will delve into how our brain responds to threats and how our own actions cause us to feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy or exhausted.

5. Do Certain Patterns Keep You In a Vicious Cycle?

Throughout our lives, we create patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours, and we may not be aware of those patterns, which may hold us in a vicious cycle. Here, you will learn how to recognize your cycle.

6. Breaking Free From The Vicious Cycle.

While you can't change your biology and how your brain senses a threat, you can learn to recognise those moments and consciously break the cycle. Here, you will learn how to do it.

7. Neuro-Leadership Exercise: Creative Healing Process.

You will learn how to use the combined power of neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology and physical movement to heal from past painful, negative or traumatic experiences. So you can unlock your focus, creativity and productivity.

Here Are Some Highlights You’ll Discover During The 8-Week Program…

  • The unique science-backed mind-body connection helps me run 100+ miles in a single day, without giving in to pain or exhaustion

  • The #1 self-sabotage pattern holding your happiness & highest potential hostage… and how to stop being your own worst enemy

  • A little-known link between muscles and trauma from your past… and how it can cause you to tense up at seemingly insignificant things

  • The roots of being stuck in life… and how to become “unstuck” so you can finally unlock your true potential in every area of your life

  • How to reach the “Flow State” on command, where you feel and perform at your absolute best

  • A way to stop being held back by guilt, shame and self-blame… so your negative feelings no longer have power over your everyday thoughts or your actions

  • Why being calm is a superpower… and how to remain level-headed and move through fear and stress gracefully so you can make smarter decisions

  • How to forgive both yourself and others, even when it seems impossible… so you can connect with a version of yourself that’s free from the limitations of the past

  • Plus much, much more!

I've Shared My Techniques With 50,000+ People! Hear What They Say About Working With Me...

"If you’re looking to boost your performance AND your overall health and well-being then this is a fantastic one-stop shop for you. Tomasz specialises in healing and all things flow, to help you to maximise your achievements but also to help you to experience the whole process with a sunnier outlook on life.”


Meditation Coach

"On behalf of Naresuan University, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the insightful workshop you provided. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Students found the workshop to be both inspiring and beneficial, helping to guide their study and career choices. Many expressed their appreciation for the practical advice and information you shared.

Prof. Doc. Kanchana Ngourungsi
President of Naresuan University

"Tomasz is hugely passionate about what he does, and what he shares with the world is hugely inspiring and beneficial to so many. I highly recommend Tomasz for the quality of his work to help people discover the highest consciousness and awareness!! 💯💯”


Yoga Teacher

"On behalf of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at Thammasat University, please accept our sincerest thanks for your workshop for sports management program students in the Sports Personal Management class at the Department of Sport Science and Sports Development. Your expertise contributes greatly to our students, and we are looking forward to continuing to work cooperatively with you in the future.

Prof. Plaiwan Sitthanon, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at Thammasat University

"I highly recommend Tom and his workshops. He passionately shares his experience and knowledge, inviting and inspiring others to create a positive change in life. I love the beautiful feeling of belonging and being part of a community.”


Healer & Yoga Teacher

"On behalf of the Education College of Sport Science and Technology at Mahidol University, I would like to thank you for the workshop on focus and productivity for our students. I am thrilled to hear that the students found the workshop inspiring and gained practical tools to develop essential life skills to achieve their career goals.

Dr Pranomporn Pochanasomburana
Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Education College of Sport Science and Technology at Mahidol University

Stop Compromising And Giving Up On Your Dreams… And Start Achieving Them

Do you frequently set goals without completing them? Maybe you’ve started a diet but given up after just a few days… decided to write a book but left all the pages blank… or tried to set 10 meetings with potential new clients but never followed through. My program will give you the mental strength and fortitude to complete your goals, without feeling exhausted, stressed or overwhelmed.

This level of mental mastery has enabled me to achieve some incredible feats – I’ve run 17,000+ miles across 14 different countries… been interviewed on radio stations in the US, Poland and South Africa… and even featured on National Geographic, Red Bull, the Daily Mail and the New York Post. Your goals may be completely different to mine – but the techniques my program covers will still enable you to achieve them!

"The subconscious cycle of self-sabotage, hidden childhood trauma & emotional pain nearly killed me until I discovered the ONE scientific secret that changed it all... Now I want to share it with you"

Become “Unstuck” In 3 Simple Steps…

Enroll In The 8-Week Program

Sign up for the Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator below and get 14 days of risk-free access to the program. Plus, if you sign up by the 31st of May you'll also get 3 FREE bonuses worth £7,470!

Complete The Program Materials

Go through the powerful techniques, workshops and meditations and discover how to overcome the stress, anxiety and past trauma holding you back from reaching your true potential.

Hurry! Price may increse 50% at the end of May 2024

Enter The “Flow State” On Command

The more you practice the techniques you’ve learned, the stronger your mental control will become. You’ll unlock the ability to enter the “Flow State” on command so you can start achieving your personal and professional goals without limitation!

I've Shared My Techniques With 50,000+ People! Hear What They Say About Working With Me...

"Tomasz is evidently passionate about having a positive impact on people's lives with a focus on enhancing mental capacity, clarity and flexibility with the aim of optimising health. His program reflects this passion and is a useful tool for anyone wanting to enhance their life experience.

Forrest Smith

CEO and Co-founder of Kineon Labs

"Tomasz's mission to elevate mindfulness in the communities he touches is truly inspiring, and we admire his efforts in developing educational resources and tools to offer practical support for people to break free of their individual limitations.

Anna Gudmundson

CEO and Co-founder of Sensate

"I fully agree with Tomasz about the state of our mind and muscle biofeedback/neurofeedback. We have been noticing it from a scientific point of view for a long period of time. Tomasz is doing something very important for humans around the world.

Dr. Boris Goldstein

Founder and CEO of BrainBit Inc.

14-Day Risk-Free “Love It Or Leave It’ Money Back Guarantee

I’m not asking you to 100% believe everything I say today. I’m asking you to make a fully informed decision - that’s all. And the only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not on the outside.

So go inside the Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator… watch the lessons and implement the techniques I reveal… and see for yourself the powerful change you can instil in your life. If, after 14 days of enrolling, you decide it’s not for you, email “gimme my money” to and I’ll refund every cent you paid. That’s how confident I am this program works.

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Join The Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator And Get Exclusive Access To £7,470 Worth Of Bonuses

Sick of being controlled by stress, anxiety and past trauma – like a puppet master pulling the strings and stopping you from reaching your full potential? Sign up for my 8-week program and gain the mental control needed to finally reach your full potential.

76 powerful video lessons

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Learn how to release positive neurochemicals on command so you can enjoy a more joyful life, achieve your goals with less effort, enhance mental resilience, and increase energy, productivity, focus and memory!


My Secret Goal-Setting Blueprint (Valued at £1,120)

Discover my 'scientific' goal-setting secrets that create a positive feedback loop every time you achieve a goal... those are the same methods that enable me to run 150 miles in a week, work full time, run a global business and still get 7 hours of sleep every night!


"The Flow Cycle" Pre-Recorded Group Coaching Session (Valued at £2,353)

Find out more about the four-stage flow cycle and how to implement it in your own life. You'll develop the ability to quickly transition from flow to recovery and back again, any time you need to!

Total Value: Over £7,470

But you can start today for

Just £282

Use Science-Backed Techniques To Overcome Stress, Trauma And Self-Sabotage And Finally Unleash Your Highest Potential.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. I want you to have success. And without the viability to master your mindset, you'll fall back into negative habits and destructive thought patterns that prevent you from achieving that success.

So if you want to reach new rights in your career, relationships and other areas of your life... the Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator can help you unlock your full, untapped potential. It comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee so you've got nothing to lose by giving it a try. Sign up now and start enjoying life without limitations!


Leadership coach, author and keynote speaker focused on self-leadership and neuroscience-based coaching techniques.

P.S. You have two choices. You can either:

Choice 1. 

Click away from this page and go back to your everyday life. You'll continue in the same cycle of self-sabotage you've been struggling with for as long as you can remember. Nothing will change. You'll never overcome your past trauma and enjoy the healthy, happy and fulfilled life you deserve.


Choice 2. 

Take action. Enrol in the Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator, go through all the video lessons and practice the techniques. Yes, it will take time to master them. But once you do, you'll be able to enter the flow state on command, overcome your past trauma, and power through the self-sabotage roadblocks holding you back. You'll finally reach your true potential and achieve the professional and personal goals you've fallen short of until now.

I know you will make the right choice. See you on the inside!

Founder, Flow Up Global


We've got answers


This is your call. You will ideally be spending 2 to 3 hours of dedicated time weekly to watch sessions, plan how to implement mindful exercises into your movement, and practice it during your everyday routine. But ultimately, spend as much or as little time on the course as you like or need. Self-Leadership & Healing Accelerator is designed to be 100% at your own pace and in your own time. It's a step-by-step journey to achieving elevated well-being. You are never behind and never late. But I will say that committing to the course is important, you’ll get out as much as you put in and if you’re looking for a change, you have to keep showing up, doing the work and learning along the way.


All 8-week program sessions are pre-recorded and can be accessed on-demand, in your own time. All content, meditations, visualisations, workbooks and videos will be available in the exclusive member's area, which you will be given access to after signing up. Course materials are accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need to do is log in. 


Mindfulness is a journey, and while I feel strongly that it has the ability to change your life, it's important to recognize that you're building muscle, and eight weeks is a great foundation. But just like any fitness program, it takes consistent effort over time. With that said, with commitment and consistency, our goal is to have you leave with a strong understanding of mindfulness and how to apply it to your life, which will undoubtedly create shifts in how you show up for your life. 

Hurry! Price may increse 50% at the end of May 2024